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Organic Vegetable Gardens

Our programme envisages in making Kochin a self-dependable and sustainable town by encouraging urban self-sustainable vegetable and fruit gardens. This will mitigate the over dependence on other states and health risk caused by the consumption of high residue vegetables and fruits from other states. Under this programme Kochin residents are encouraged to cultivate and meet domestic requirements by establishing SELF SUSTAINABLE ORGANIC VEGETABLE GARDENS in the available open space. It can be in open fields, Balconies, Open terraces or in institutions. Our target is to achieve captive self-sufficiency of Kochin residence in 2 years time.

Organic Self Sustainable Nutritional Home Vegetable Gardens–open field, terrace, balcony etc

Institutional Farming–Educational institutions, Old age homes and other institutions

Open Field Production on Participatory Mode

Land Bank and Group Farming